EV Charger Installation

ev charger installation

EV Charger Installation Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Never worry about your electric vehicle running out of juice again. At Waldron Electric Services, we offer electric vehicle charging station installation and repair services in Pittsburgh, PA, ensuring you have the power you need to keep your EV on the road. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles and various renewable energy incentives available in Pittsburgh, we’re here to help you maximize your EV’s potential.

Why Choose Electric Car Charging Station Installation?

The rising adoption of electric vehicles means that having convenient and reliable charging stations is crucial. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, installing an electric car charging station offers numerous benefits:

For Homeowners:

  • Convenience: Charge your electric vehicle at home, while you sleep, without the need to visit public charging stations.
  • Cost Savings: Take advantage of lower electricity rates at home, compared to public charging stations.
  • Efficiency: Level 2 charging stations can charge your vehicle three to five times faster than a standard home charger.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint by using clean, renewable energy to power your EV.

For Businesses:

  • Positive Brand Image: Showcase your commitment to sustainability and attract environmentally conscious customers.
  • Customer Attraction: Attract affluent customers who prefer businesses with EV charging facilities.
  • Tenant Retention: Keep high-quality tenants by providing them with EV charging options.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Offer EV charging to your employees, promoting a happier and more sustainable workplace.

Upgrading to a Level 2 EV Charging Station

While the standard Level 1 charger that comes with electric vehicles allows you to plug into standard home outlets, it’s slow and may take nearly a day to charge your car fully. Upgrading to a Level 2 charging station is the solution, offering faster charging and compatibility with standard household voltage.

The benefits of Level 2 charging include:

  • Faster charging, reducing wait times.
  • Compatibility with your home’s electrical system.
  • Greater convenience for daily use.

For a Level 2 charger, professional installation is required to ensure safety and efficiency. Our experienced electricians can rewire your electrical system to support the new appliance, using top-quality parts and equipment. If you’re unsure whether your current system can support the power demands of a Level 2 charger, we also offer electrical panel upgrade services.

Trust Our Experienced Electricians

When you choose to upgrade to a Level 2 electric vehicle charging station, our team at Waldron Electric Services will guide you through every step of the process:

  • We’ll assess your electrical system and ensure it can support the charging station.
  • We’ll install a dedicated line for the charging station.
  • If needed, we can provide sub-panel installation or electrical panel upgrades to accommodate the new power demands.

Put your trust in our experienced electricians, who are dedicated to delivering superior workmanship and ensuring your EV charging station installation is seamless and hassle-free.
Ensure your electric vehicle is always ready to hit the road. Contact Waldron Electric Services today for electric vehicle charging station installation and repair services in Pittsburgh, PA. Keep your EV charged, stay eco-friendly, and experience the convenience of at-home charging.

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