What causes Electrical malfunctions and fires?

Many People get their Furnace and Air Conditioning checked yearly, but neglect the heart of the electrical system that runs their entire home or business. Problems can occur unexpectedly, therefore it is good to have it inspected for potential problems annually.

Common Problems found that can cause serious injury or death are: Water infiltration, poor connections, loose or bad grounding, no cover on the fuse box, corroded terminals, and loose circuit breakers just to name a few. Incorrect circuit breakers and incorrect fuse values also pose a serious risk.

If you still have a fuse box in your home or business, it’s way over due to be updated. Why? Because, heat over time can damage the inter structure and can make things weaker than when manufactured. The out side Electrical Service Line can be acting as a conduit for water to be leaking into your electrical system. With conduit, heat rises up from them and mixes with the moisture and can make a rain like sweating effect on your existing fuse or breaker panel. Just because it has been replaced doesn’t make it bullet proof.

It is always a great idea to take a peak behind that cover and examine the breakers, fuses, and wiring for heat damage and water damage at bare minimum. Call us today for your Electric box inspection to see what problems are larking in your breaker or fuse box.