Danger of Water in Electrical Service Panels

Conducting a home inspection requires detachment of the panel box covering to make viewing and inspecting the panel interior easier. Checking the internal electrical connections, breakers, grounding, wire type, wire size, panel box condition and main breaker is part of the inspection.

Rainwater is always the main reason why there is the presence of moisture in the electrical service panel. Normally, electric meter or service drop can cause main problems inside the panel boxes. Water can move towards the interior of the insulated electrical wire and finally lodge itself inside the panel box by using the electric meter or service drop as a vehicle or conveyance. Continue reading

Backup power generators: Necessity or ‘wonderful luxury’?

By Bob Karlovits

Published: Sunday, January 1, 2012
URL: http://triblive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/ae/s_773854.html

John Hill from the Summerset area in Squirrel Hill says the advantages of backup power generators are obvious.

“When my lights are on and everyone else’s are out, it’s easy to see the benefits,” says the owner of a backup generator that comes on automatically with any power failure.

Yet some in the electric industry say backup generators are little more than what electrical inspector Tom Waldron calls “a wonderful luxury.” Continue reading